Sea Sail & Cruise, Location, ventes de bateaux et entretien de bateaux sur Royan. Skipper / Coach professionnel.

Sea Sail & Cruise est une entreprise de location, ventes, conciergerie, gestion locative, skipper de bateau à Royan et Meschers en Charente-Maritime.



Eco-guide : 

In navigation, as everywhere else, it is important to know some simple rules to limit our impact on the environment.
We offer you a few:

  • Before leaving if you are planning a picnic, favor local products and reusable or recyclable packaging by limiting them as much as possible, do not throw anything into the sea, sort and bring back your waste for treatment on land. We are able to offer you zero waste lunch baskets based on local products, do not hesitate to contact us for any information.
  • During your navigation, if you are on a motor boat, prefer a reasonable cruising speed (an engine consumes on average half as much as two-thirds of its power than at full speed) and adopt a constant speed.
  • Try to distribute the weights evenly in the boat in order to respect its balance and thus reduce its consumption
  • If you see waste at sea or on the sand, collect it so that it can be treated on land
  • For protection of the skin, the shower or the dishes, use environmentally friendly and biodegradable products (the European eco-label is a good indicator)
  • When filling up with gasoline, be careful not to put gasoline outside the tank.
  • If you smoke, respect the boat and do not smoke above the hull or more particularly the tubes of a semi-rigid. Use a beach ashtray for cigarette ends.
  • If you use a boat with sanitary facilities, prefer the use of the black water tank for coastal areas.

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